Certified Emergency Rescue Ladder

The ARION range of ladders are high-quality, Australian-made Fire Rescue Ladders built using the finest Australian aluminium to the highest quality. Each ladder is built to comply with BS-EN1147 standard.

Locally manufactured, each ladder can be customised to fit the appliance stowage space and meet the ladder extension height requirements of the service.

ARION Fire Rescue Ladders come in three types:

  • Folding Roof Ladders
  • Double Extension
  • Triple Extension


Safety features include:

  • Auto Arrest Device (AAD)
  • Automatic Pawls – on larger ladders, to give maximum foot area within the pawled ladder section,
  • Swivel feet where requested
  • Ability to split ladders apart if the situation warrants.
  • All ladders have deep ribbed rungs for maximum boot grip and strength.

To make sure your new ladders serve you well, it’s important that regular checks and maintenance are carried out on them.

Double Extension Ladders

Triple Extension Ladders

Folding Roof Ladders