Centurion 3000 Roller Doors

The Centurion3000 Roller Door was released in 2011 to better service the requirements of our customers, particularly those in the fire and rescue services. Our roller doors are now supplied to almost all fire services throughout Australia and New Zealand.

After rigorous testing on prototype vehicles, our Centurion3000 Roller Doors are available to suit different roller mounting positions, guide channels and top seal housing types. They can be manufactured for almost any configuration needed to suit the vehicle. Our

Centurion3000 Roller Doors come with a number of options to choose from, including lighting, theft prevention systems and shutter switch sensors. All Centurion3000 Roller Doors come with a rubber dust seal, ensuring quiet operations and to minimise dust.

Our roller Doors are now also supplied to other government and commercial users such as state emergency service, Australian Defence Force, law enforcement agencies, council vehicles, mines emergency and service vehicles, utility companies (including water board and roads and maritime services), parcel delivery, tradie utes and more.We continually seek feedback on our products’ field performance and after sales service to ensure that our work stays at the highest possible level.

Full traceability of every individual roller door we manufacture ensures that you get a speedy response to any repair enquiries. Company policy dictates that repair orders receive priority and are acted upon immediately for shipping within 24 hours.

Contact us to discuss which options best suit your requirements.