Ladders & Gantries


Since 1996 a number of important steps have been taken by Fire Services within Australia with regard to their use of Fire Rescue Ladders.

The first was to recognise and make use of the newly emerging European Standard BS-EN1147, Portable Ladders for Fire Service Use.

The second was to start re-equipping their respective fleets with ladders that both complied with a recognisable standard and are fit for specialist use.
Our company has been at the forefront by firstly introducing the BS-EN1147 Standard at the 1996 AFAC Fleet Managers Equipment Forum and then assisting individual Fire Services accomplish their need to re-equip and maintain their new ladders.

A very important step was also taken by Centurion Fire in 2009 when we recognised the need to manufacture a high quality Australian Made ladder and started to produce the first of our Australian made ARION range of Fire Rescue rated ladders. This has given us the ability to provide a design and engineering service to users of ladders with the flexibility to locally manufacture ladders sized to fit appliance stowage space, meet the ladder extension height requirements of the service whilst working within the parameters of the BS-EN1147 Standard.

As a result our range of ladder models is growing in response and currently includes Double Extension in Rope Pull and Manual, Triple Extension in Rope Pull and Manual as well as specialist Folding Roof Ladders.

Some of our ladder safety features include Auto Arrest Device to lock the ladder sections in place should the hauling rope be inadvertently released, Automatic Pawls on our larger ladders to give maximum foot area within the pawled ladder section, deep rung tread for maximum boot grip, swivel feet where requested, the ability to ‘split’ ladders apart if the situation warrants it and a weight suitable for small crew vehicles.

For more details click here for the ARION Ladder PDF Catalogue or contact us.


Once the important decision has been made to invest in our ladders and they have been installed correctly onto your vehicles, ‘Care & Maintenance’ of your valuable asset is the next priority.

To assist you in maintaining your ladders, Centurion Fire & Rescue Equipment supply every ladder we build with a personal tracking number plus a Certificate of Test that has an additional Test and Inspection Log on the back so regular inspections & annual proof tests can be logged to assist with your asset cost tracking.

Our ARION Ladder Care and Maintenance Manual has been designed to answer questions & assist with your in-house maintenance.

For more information click here for your ARION Ladder Care and Maintenance Manual or contact us.

Ladder Gantries

As Fire Appliances become more complex and larger this introduces a whole new range of Occupational Heath and Safety measures. Fire/Rescue Ladders are normally stowed on top of a Fire Appliance and accessed by climbing onto the roof to release the bracket. Height restrictions are now bringing this practice to a close and in response to this Centurion Fire & Rescue Equipment present our new ‘Rapid Stow’ Gantries to overcome this problem.

Rapid Stow - SMALL, SAFE and SIMPLE
The Rapid Stow Gantry is for smaller ladders with a maximum weight capacity of 31 kg, ideal for the ARION 7.65 Triple Extension or smaller. Built from lightweight aluminium & assisted by pneumatic rams the Rapid Stow is simple to install & operate. When operated the gantry is slid out to position & then gently pulled down. The rams control the descent & hold the gantry into position while the ladder is unloaded & reloaded. A gentle pull upward on the operating handle allows the rams to assist with the upward movement of the Rapid Stow until horizontal so it can be pushed back into the stowed position and latched into place.

A ‘generic’ sized Rapid Stow is manufactured to suit vehicles no more than 2 metres in height. This gantry can be adjusted to take varying ladder widths.Where vehicle heights are in excess of 2 metres, Rapid Stow is built to the ladder specification to ensure it deploys to a safe working height, contact Centurion Fire for more information.

The Rapid Stow MAX is for larger heavier ladders such as ARION 7, 9 & 10.5 metre Double and Triple Extension Ladders. The concept is a roll out ‘beam’ of extruded aluminium with lower & upper rollers controlling the main beam & ladder head bracket movements. The main beam extrusion has been designed for ease of maintenance with the nylon roller wheels & tracks exposed for simply washing clean after use. The large nylon roller wheels overcome grime & grit build up to ensure the Rapid Stow MAX operates easily under arduous conditions.

The ladder is stowed with the head axle slid into the Ladder Head Bracket which, when rolled fully to the end stop, allows the axle to slide forward & lock into place. The ladder base is locked into place with the bottom rungs strapped down into PAC Adjustamount Brackets. This suspends the ladder by the base rungs & head axle so it is protected from movement & vibration damage caused when the vehicle is in motion, (an axle retro-fit kit is available for ladders without wall wheels). A detachable operating handle ensures access to rear lockers is not compromised.

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