Centurion Fire Rescue Equipment is a fully Australian owned manufacturer of Emergency Vehicle Roller Shutters, Locker Lighting, Fire/Rescue Ladders & supplier of PAC Equipment Stowage Brackets

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 Vehicle Roller Shutters

CENTURION ROLLER SHUTTERS - The choice of Fire & Emergency professionals Australia wide are now available to you! Centurion Roller Shutters have been manufactured in Australia since 2001 and remain a fully Australian Owned manufacturing business. Why have they become the choice of Fire Services, State Emergency Services, Mines, Councils, Water Boards, National Parks, State Forests & many more? Because Centurion Roller Shutters are the Best You Can Buy! •Easy to operate •Simple to maintain •Sturdy & tough •Ergonomically designed handle •Lighting options •Locking options •Powder coated options •Full traceability on all parts •AUSTRALIAN MADE - Enquire today to see how Centurion can assist you with your project and enjoy Genuine Customer Service.

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Flush Mount ‘Keyed Alike’ Key Locks Flush Mount ‘Keyed Alike’ Key Locks

Locks the latch assembly together to stop spontaneous theft. More>>

LED Strip Lighting LED Strip Lighting

12 and 24V LED Strip Lighting encased in a flexible plastic housing installed with its own ‘stand-alone housing’. Comes complete with connector plugs for simple wiring in. LED-Strip has a life of over 100,000 hours and a 24volt current draw of 120 milliamps per metre making a total current require ... More>>

Mag-Switch Mag-Switch

A simple magnetic switch potted into the shutter strike housing to sense whether the shutter is open or closed. Cannot be used for lighting switching. More>>

Series 1 Central Locking Series 1 Central Locking

BA Electronics Central Locking Kit provides the best overall security protection without compromising access to equipment. A pulse is sent through the system to ensure that shutters not closed at the time of locking actuation become locked within 60 seconds. A failsafe ensures that if power is los ... More>>

Series 2 Central Locking Series 2 Central Locking

In response to a request for a central locking system that did not make any further power demands once activated, BA Electronics have developed the MK2 Remote Central Locking for use on commercial vehicles using Centurion2000 & 3000 Roller Shutters. More>>

Shutter Status Indicator (SSI) Shutter Status Indicator (SSI)

Developed by BA Electronics to replace ‘Shutterguard’ is a fully sealed Proximity Sensing Switch that can switch up to 25amps so can be used for in-cab ‘shutter open’ alarm plus locker light switching. More>>

T’ Handle c/w ‘Keyed Alike’ Lock & Double Rear Latch Bars T’ Handle c/w ‘Keyed Alike’ Lock & Double Rear Latch Bars

Maximum ‘key lock’ protection locks the shutter into place by latching into the vehicle bodywork. More>>