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ARION7.3DX-RO Ladder

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 ARION7.3DX-RO Ladder
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The ARION7.3DX-RO is a 7.3 metre (wide)Aluminium Double Extension Fire/Rescue Ladder comprising of two ladder sections operated by a single rope hauling line. The ladder is tested & certified to BS-EN1147, Ladders for Fire Service Use as a 3-Person Fire/Rescue Ladder. This ladder is the standard width option of our 7.3 metre ladder range.
Pawling of the ladder is achieved with 'fully automatic pawls', both of which are located on each side of the ladder top section near the base of the ladder. These pawls interact audibly with each rung to enable rung counting to assist with ladder extension height in low light conditions. They are simply actuated by allowing the pawls to pass the rung of choice, bring them back down past the rung & then up to have them click into place. The Automatic Pawls allow for maximum foot area, (no additional pawl axle) & negate the need for double rope pawling. The ladder rungs are fully ribbed for maximum boot grip.
The ladder is equipped with a rope safety device or 'Automatic Arrest Device?' (AAD). This sprung cam arrangement is located on the top of the base section where the rope passes through the top pulley. In the case of a sudden unintentional rope release while deploying or stowing the ladder, the sprung cam interacts with the rope locking it into place. The top or 'fly' section of the ladder extends from the front of the ladder & all rope work is carried out from the back of the ladder. The ladder is equipped with solid rubber feet with swivel feet available.
The top section of the ladder is equipped with a 'Sprung Stop' on the right hand side of the bottom rung. The ladder sections can be split apart by detaching the hauling line, pulling the top section out until it interacts with the top stop bracket & then by depressing the sprung stop moving it past both top stop brackets allowing the ladder section to be fully split apart.

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